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WELCOME, I'm Caley and I have nothing but gratitude that you've come to visit online!

We're striving to create an inclusive global fitness community of individuals looking to better themselves & grow their positive impact on the world around them, by building their own confidence & well-being through fitness.

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Online Coaching Community Membership

We're all unique and have different goals, desires & circumstances. If you want to become a member of the community, where you have that personal touch with fellow members, nutrition & fitness plans designed around you, consistent progression and direct access to your coach - this is for you!


  • Personalised CaleyFit App Experience: Download our App & enjoy the intimate experience with a dashboard personalised to your goals, access to fellow member chats & 1-on-1 access with your coach
  • ​​Goal-Driven Programming: Programs selected and adapted to meet your personal goals, preferences & circumstances.
  • Progression Focused: Let go of plateaus you've experienced in the past with consistent feedback loops ensuring progression on goals
  • ​Food Confidence: Let go of "Food Confusion" and eat better without the dieting rollercoaster ever again.
  • ​​​1 on 1 Support: You'll have a dedicated coach, available for you to reach out to and assist every day.
  • ​​Wellness Development: Learn habits in all areas (sleep / eating / drinking / stress management) of life that improve your overall wellbeing
  • ​​Habit Development: Achieve and maintain your goals, even when life gets busy
  • ​​Foundations: Build strong movement foundations, with muscle & movement pattern memory development
  • ​Injury Adjustments: Your coach will adapt your program to work around any injuries and support your recovery
  • ​Accountability: Daily checkin's on the platform, support from a like-minded community & your coach
  • ​Build fitness into your life, without it taking over 
  • ​Setting GOALS, and Crushing Them!
*PS - All challenges & plans are available when making use of the coaching platform ie. If you're pre/post natal, this can also be done on the coaching platform - the personal service is raised to new levels and you will receive all the other coaching benefits*
Pre & Post Natal Plans

So you're having a baby 🍼 , or you've recently had one... and you want to train & eat with confidence knowing your body, baby and mental wellbeing are all safe:


  • Access to CaleyFit App: We manage the Pre/Post Natal plan, communication & workout programs through our personalised app, which you'll have access to
  • ​​Staying Mobile: Maintain functional movement throughout all your trimesters
  • ​​Food Confidence When Pregnant: Get the in's & out's of what's in the safe zone when pregnant & breast-feeding
  • Movement Safety: With all the changes that are taking / have taken place in your body, it's important to be aware of how your training should adapt around this, so we include safe movement guide videos with every workout
  • ​Peace of Mind: It's overwhelming not knowing what's "safe" with exercise & food while pregnant. We alleviate the guess work, by verifying all the guidelines we give with medical professionals
  • ​Health: While many elements of our health are out of our control, you can rest assured knowing you took pro-active steps to do what you could to have a healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy journey
  • ​Manage Mental Health: It can be a mental battle going through all the changes/emotions that you might experience, the program will help you work through those with a supportive community & mindful guided meditations
  • Expert ​Educational Resources: Access to our favourite resources for expecting mothers regarding training, eating & exclusive interviews with medical specialists
  • Personal Touch: For mothers that are expecting their 1st, I'll share more about my own experience and journey - and more on what you can expect
  • Support Group: You'll have access to a membership only group, where you can share more about your own journeys with one another, keep each other accountable and pass on information that may add value
  • Weekly Q&A: If you have any questions that aren't covered in the up-front programs / guides / resources shared, we'll host a weekly Q&A opportunity to work through those and help work through any doubts / concerns that may be bothering you
30-Days Les Mills On Demand 
21-Days of Nutrition, Sleep & Mindful Habit Creation Challenge

If you looking for something unique, that provides you with plenty of flexibility (anywhere, anytime) and love group fitness style workouts - this 21-Day Challenge with LMOD is for you.

This is paired with our 21-Day Nutrition, Sleep & Mindful Habit Creation Challenge. You can participate in one or the other or ideally.. BOTH!

Join Caley's exclusive LMOD Challenge for 21-Days of Fitness & Receive

  • Access to CaleyFit App*: We manage the challenge, communication & habit creation through our personalised app 
  • ​​30 Day Trial of Les Mills On Demand's: 30-day free trial, of the world-renowned Les Mills group fitness experience
  • 1000+ Group Fitness Classes: A library of LMOD programs which can be selected and adapted to meet your personal goals, preferences & circumstances
  • 24/7 Access to Workouts: With the online app access to LMOD & CaleyFit, you can train and participate anywhere, anytime
  • Personal Guide Through Platform: Join Caley on video as she takes you through the LMOD platform, and some of her favourite releases
  • Nutrition Plan*: Access to our preferred nutrition partner resources, which will formulate a personalised nutrition plan (including your Macros) for you to follow based on your goals of either body recomposition, losing weight, gaining weight, or maintaining weight
  • Goal Setting & Execution Plan: Identify your fitness goals over the 21-day challenge, and use our goal-achieving app-resource plan to execute them over the 21-days
  • Micro Challenges: Each week, I'll be putting together smaller, habit-based challenges for you to try out for Nutrition, Sleep & Mindfulness (Habit Creation Challenge)
  • Accountability*: We'll check in with you during the week to see that you are on track, and provide some tips on setting yourself up for success 
  • CaleyFit Community Chat: You'll have access to a private in-app community where you can share more about your own thoughts / experiences / questions on the "Micro-Challenges" with one another, keep each other accountable and pass on information that may add value
* Included as part of the 21-Day Nutrition, Sleep & Mindfulness Habit Creation Challenge, can be done without the LMOD challenge and following your own programming / workouts *

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Our Purpose & Why

As an individual & brand, we're striving to create an inclusive global fitness community looking to grow their positive impact on the world around them. We aim to do this by building their own confidence & well-being by bettering their physical & mental health, through fitness.

Growing up I was going through a really tough season toward the end of my teen years into my early twenties, which altered my career choices. Having faced a cancelled family immigration, being diagnosed clinically depressed, having a father who was a functional alcoholic, my parents getting divorced and then my father passing away very unexpectedly all within a very short time frame.

A lot had happened in a short space of time and it felt like the floor had been pulled out from beneath my feet – I realised I had no idea who I was and what I wanted any more. I struggled with a victim mentality for a long time. It felt as if my identity had been taken away from me and everything I had envisioned for myself when I was at high school – go to university, study occupational therapy – was no longer of any interest. It was a terrifying and lonely space to be in.

Rikki’s mother (now my mother-in-law!) invited me to attend a group fitness class with her, and from the very first class it absolutely changed my life! The sense of community and support from the people in my group fit classes became a daily anchor of self-affirmation and empowerment. The physical and mental benefits of exercise began reshaping my attitude towards life. The group fitness coach at my gym took me under her wing. She became my mentor – she coached me through mental and physical wellness and I’ll forever be grateful for this. She helped refocus my value and purpose. I knew from then, group fitness would be the right vehicle for me to help others the way this woman had done for me.

8 years later, I've been fortunate to have a successful and rewarding career in the Health & Fitness space. I've been blessed to serve as a Global Ambassador for the largest group fitness company in the World - Les Mills. I have also led the floor presenting at multiple international fitness events in the USA, Japan, Russia, Spain, South Africa, China, Germany, Singapore, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Canada to name a few. This has given me access to such a diverse set of cultural relationships that I'm eternally grateful for. In addition to my passion for teaching group fitness classes in regular local gyms, I've also been fortunate to work with prominent brands like Reebok & Cosmopolitan. 

Rikki & I decided in 2020 with the Corona-Virus outbreak, national lock-downs and having our first-born Ella Skye Jäck, that we wanted to bring the gift of fitness and the powerful benefits it can harness to a broader online community. We also wanted to bring communities from around the world together, with a common goal of improving & learning from one another. Everything we offer our community today was created out of personal challenges that we needed solutions for.

While each persons journey is completely unique, we believe any physical activity and the right nutrition will at a minimum reap benefits and improve your confidence, if not change or save your life!

Love & Light,

Caley Jäck



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